Evaroc board

The qualities of EVAROC® board:


The EVAROC® board is manufactured from non-combustible materials and will not burn or produce any noxious (toxic) smoke/gas. Combustion performance reaches A Grade. Due to being fireproof, the EVAROC® board is an ideal material for all places subject to stringent fire safety requirements.

*Moisture resistant

This product has an excellent dampness prevention performance and will not degrade in damp or wet conditions. There will not be any reduction in strength when fully saturated with water. It is suitable for areas with high humidity, such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, roof eaves, ventilation ducts, etc.
It is also an ideal substrate for ceramic and marble tiles in wet areas.

*Biological resistant

Made from inorganic materials, EVAROC® board is unaffected by termites, insects and vermin. It does not promote the growth of fungus or other mould.
100% fungus and mould free.

*Chemical resistant

It is highly resistant to dilute concentrations of chemicals, acids, bleaching agents, chlorine solution and solvents. It can be used as a lining for industrial buildings and a ceiling over swimming pools, where exposure to chemicals is higher than in the normal environment.

* Sound insulation

Due to its high density, the EVAROC® board has a great sound insulation, up to 40db.

* 100% Asbestos and Formaldehyde free

EVAROC® board does not contain any traces of asbestos fibres or formaldehyde, making it a perfectly safe material to use.

* Impact resistant

EVAROC® board is extremely strong and therefore ideal for use in areas susceptible to heavy usage and abuse. This means that EVAROC® board can be installed as a tile backer under the most demanding conditions, like industrial kitchens and other high impact areas.


The surface of EVAROC® board supports the pasting of wallpaper, coating, painting and the application of ceramic tiles or mosaics (all types of finishing).

*Energy saving

EVAROC® board offers excellent performance in heat insulation and preservation. A more comfortable and controllable indoor environment can be provided.

*Easy to handle and install

The inherent strength and flexibility ensure it is easy to work with; no extra tools are required for  installation of the EVAROC® board. It can be easily processed, as cutting, nailing, screwing and drilling can be done using ordinary tools.

*Environment friendly

EVAROC® board is made from various natural minerals and pliant fibres of fine quality. It does not generate any harmful gas or radioactive substances. It is 100% recyclable. The energy required for manufacturing an EVAROC® board is much less than for the other products in the same category.